A quality system together with the continuous improvement of processes allow business projects and initiatives to increase their rate of attracting new clients and improve their position in the market thanks to the projection of an image of quality guarantee in products or services.
In addition to significantly optimizing the structure and organization of internal processes, quality systems contribute to the reduction of unnecessary costs in time and resources, promote the productivity of work teams; They facilitate compliance with local and international laws and regulations necessary to start new businesses and achieve strategic objectives.
In our Quality unit you will find an expert team that will offer you a totally personalized service in advice and support for the adoption of quality policies and procedures in accordance with national and international standards and your business reality. We can support you in adapting your internal processes and practices so that your business achieves maximum customer satisfaction, is more competitive and achieves sustainable growth within your industrial or service sector.
  • Design and optimization of processes and their continuous improvement;
  • Advice on the implementation of Monitoring and Quality Control Programs;
  • Design and implementation of policies and procedures for the due diligence of Non-Financial Reporting Entities, in compliance with Law 155-17 for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.
  • Audits of compliance with Law 155-17 for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism to non-financial reporting entities.