Information Technology

Information technologies (IT) are the differentiating component in companies that want to stay in the long term. Our objective is to generate value according to your needs and adhering to the healthy practices of the industry.
As a Firm we have a team of highly trained professionals with the experience to support you in each of your needs.
  • Information Technology and Security Audits.
  • IT governance and compliance assessments, including:
  • Evaluation of policies and procedures.
  • Evaluations of regulations and instructions.
  • Accompaniment in closing gaps.
  • IT Corporate Governance and Strategic Planning.
  • Performance evaluation of technology staff (Roles and Responsibilities). 
  • General diagnoses of technology and information security based on the best practices of the industry.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCP/DRP)
  • Technological project management (PMO).
  • IT risk management.
  • Evaluation and optimization of IT processes.
  • Cyber and Information Security:
  • Intrusion tests.
  • Vulnerability scanning.
  • Analysis of vulnerabilities and strengthening of controls.
  • Evaluation and selection of Systems.
  • Adequacy of Regulatory Compliance.
  • General advice according to needs presented.