We are a team of interdisciplinary experts focused on the tax and financial area, whose objective is to facilitate successful business administration of large, medium and small companies, both locally and internationally, providing viable, efficient, competitive and profitable solutions.
Our Consulting team adapts to the client's vision, provides viable recommendations and solutions to personal problems, business or business needs. This personalized service is based on innovation, experience, knowledge, skills, modern technological resources, allowing to redefine the strategic direction of the business, as well as align the efforts of the different areas to fulfill its mission, reaching objectives and goals in a sustained.
We have a proven track record of working with a range of clients from individuals, family businesses to private and public companies, startup companies to global entities, established to help them develop and enhance their business strategies.
  • Fusions and acquisitions;
  • Tax Due Diligence;
  • Business valuation;
  • Business continuity plan;
  • Risk assessment and management;
  • Financial and administrative consulting;
  • Patrimonial reorganization;
  • Company dissolutions;
  • Application of laws and fiscal incentives.