With great enthuasiasm we inform you that Pedro Urrutia, Director and Founding Partner of the Firm, was appointed Member of the Technical Quality Control Commission of the Inter-American Accounting Association (AIC, by its acronym in Spanish) for the period 2019-2021. 

This decision has been based considering his professional career, as well as his dedication to the service of the Accounting Profession of the Americas.

  • The Technical Quality Control Commission has the following objectives:
  • Carry out studies on the existence of Quality Control Systems in the AIC member countries.
  • Search for the mechanism of disclosure of the importance of the existence of a Quality Control System in firms.
  • Promote awareness of International Quality Control Standard 1 (ISQC 1) in AIC member countries.
  • Spread by the different member countries of the AIC the Implementation Manual of a Quality Control System for small and medium-sized firms and independent professionals who carry out audits and related services.
  • Start the process of implementing the Quality Control Systems with the support of the sponsoring organizations in all the member countries of the AIC.
  • Develop guidelines for documenting quality control policies and procedures.
  • Find mechanisms for large firms that are part of the Quality Control System in their countries and in this way help the system to be strong and small firms feel attracted and motivated to be part of the quality control program.

Within the Technical Quality Control Commission of the Inter-American Accounting Association (AIC, by its acronym in Spanish), our Quality Manager, Paola Calixto, who is an Industrial Engineer and Master in Quality and Productivity Management, works hand in hand with Pedro Urrutia in the different sessions, conferences and technical documents that contribute to promoting the implementation of a Quality Control System and the knowledge of the International Quality Control Standard (ISQC 1) in the signatures of accounting and auditing in AIC member countries.

At the same time, she is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Quality Policies in our Firm.